This Was January (and a bit of December)

Catching up on photos from some recent events here at SPACE, in no particular order:

New Year's Eve ICING Party, 12/21/09 (by Jon Donnell)

Eternal Otter Records 7" Release Show, 1/29/10 (by Bryan Bruchman)

Aserela Maine Youth Chorus, 12/19/09 (by Dennis Stein)

Words & Images Event, 1/25/10 (by Jon Donnell)

Portland Music Foundation: Learn To Think Like A Talent Buyer, 1/20/10 (by Dennis Stein)

Jeff Platz's Nude Saviors with Birdorgan, Mambo Mantis hosted by id m theft able , 1/30/10 (by Jon Donnell)

Free For All 2 Opening, 1/22/10 (by Bryan Bruchman)