The Mumlers

Just want to take a moment to draw your attention to The Mumlers, who our friend Joe from the Pine Haven Collective calls "the best band in America." Joe's deathly allergic to hyperbole so we're taking his word for it. They'll be fleshing out a stellar lineup on Wednesday, November 4th with Liz Durrett and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

Click this for a taste-o-Mumlers while you read on, It's a fun Super8 groovy-surf-zombie video that you'll dig:

Anybody remember that Man Man show years ago? You know, you'd heard about them, they had some buzz, so you thought you'd check 'em out and ended up getting so blown away it made you want to take your pants off over your head? Our Awesome Show Radar tells us that The Mumlers is probably going to be another show like that. Don't live with regret the next day. Come to the show and say you did.

By Jon
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