The Yes Men hoax the Chamber of Commerce

Once again, we honk The Yes Men's horn a little more because we're pretty excited to be screening their new film next week. The Yes Men are known for their elaborate pranks, exposing the ills and wrongdoings of corporate America and misguided governmental organizations (recently publishing a one million copy fake run of the NY Post detailing climate change issues). Today, as part of their, continuing push on climate change, they held a press conference representing the Chamber of Commerce and announcing the CoC's reversal of position on comprehensive climate change legislation. What ensues is culture jamming brilliance. Can you spot the real CoC representative?

We'll be screening their new film The Yes Men Fix the World, next Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/27 & 10/28 and want to really emphasize how much we think you should attend. It's witty, clever and belly-laugh funny. One of the Yes Men will be in the house for the 10/27 screening to do a Q&A so we recommend getting a ticket in advance because it's probably going to sell out and we don't want you saying we didn't warn you.

By Jon
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