Anyone who got a chance to see last year's Food+Farm feature film, King Corn knows what a gem it is.  Entertaining, insightful and packed with information about our dependence on cheap, subsidized corn, the film is a great introduction into many of the problems that ail the U.S. food system and it was a honor to have filmmaker Ian Cheney on hand to answer questions afterwards.  Well, the folks at the Peabody Awards thought it was a great film and last week, awarded King Corn with their eponymous prize.

This year at Food+Farm, thanks to the generous folks at Magnolia Pictures (and a good deal of pleading) we now have permission to do a special advance screening of the new documentary, Food, Inc on Friday, May 8th, a full month before it opens in theaters in June.  The film takes a broad look at the current state of corporate controlled food and features such sustainable food luminaries as Michael Pollan ("The Omnivore's Dilema"), Eric Schlosser ("Fast Food Nation"), Gary Hirshberg (Stonyfield Farms) and Joel Salatin (Polyface Farms). The film will be followed by a talk with Russell Libby, Executive Director of MOFGA, discussing how the issues raised in the film apply specifically to Maine.

Because of the screening agreement, we're only allowed to do a single screening and it will likely sell out so get your tickets now. Have Faith In Worthless Knowledge readers are among the first to have access to ticket sales.

Food, Inc. trailer:

By Jon
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