Carving The Floors, On Our Walls


Remember how we told you about this cool exhibit coming up in the gallery? Well it's here, and many of you came by for a first glimpse on the First Friday Art Walk. A video projected in the front lobby served as a convenient chance to stop and dry off for a minute (why does it always seem to rain on First Friday?) before venturing into SPACE to check out the two ginormous prints hanging on the walls.


The scale of these is really difficult to imagine - and for those of you who haven't been to SPACE (Hi, 5 regular readers in Alaska!) it may be especially difficult to get a sense - so take it from me, these are massive. 20 x 30 ft sounds big, but it looks even bigger when it's hanging from the ceiling! In fact, these prints are so huge that their lower portions had to extend onto the floor - thanks for keeping those dirty feet off of them!


Carving The Floors will be on display at SPACE Gallery through May 23. Stop by and take a look! For a bit more of a preview, check out the rest of the photos from the opening here.


In other news, we've got some cool new merchandise! You can take home your own SPACE Gallery mug (in black, of course).