Live at SPACE MP3: Deerhoof [5.7.05]

Download the MP3: Deerhoof - "Spy On You"

deerhoof as seen in 2005 - photo courtesy of the band

Deerhoof are the type of band that are infinitely difficult to describe, but ultimately pure pleasure to watch or listen to. This recording from back in 2005 at SPACE Gallery (the track appeared on that year's The Runners Four) epitomizes their style of swirling, hypnotic pop that nobody else can do in quite the same way.

Deerhoof are currently involved in an exciting experiment using Indaba Music, allowing anybody to join the band!They've made basic tracks (and sheet music!) for the song "Buck And Judy" (off their latest, Offend Maggie) available for fans to download and use to re-imagine the song, or contribute parts of it. The goal is to create unique versions of the song, from remixes to orchestral interpretations, to whatever their fans can imagine.

The band is gearing up for some international dates before returning to play shows at home in California in May.

Live MP3 recorded and mixed by Pete Nenortas of Satronen Sound.

By Bryan
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