Live at SPACE MP3: Emilia Dahlin [11.6.04]

Download the MP3: Emilia Dahlin - "6 Acre Lot (Live @ SPACE Gallery 11.06.04)"

Nathan Eldridge Photography

Okay, so that Andrew Bird show back in '04? Here's the other half of the equation!

The always lovely Emilia Dahlin opened that night, and here's a live track from her set.

Emilia needs no introduction, but if you're new to this gazillion times over award winner, here's her bio. She just spent February teaching a songwriting course for the Portland non-profit the Telling Room  and is embarking today on a bunch of tour dates.

Here's the link to Emilia's studio album which features 6 Acre Lot.

AND some First Friday Art Walk trivia: Nathan Eldridge Photography  (who took this photo) is making portraits at Aucocisco Gallery tonight March 6th during First Friday Art Walk.  For $20 you walk away with a 4x5 printed portrait of you, or you & yours, and as an add on he sends a picture to your Facebook account.  What a steal.


Track recorded and mixed by Pete Nenortas of Satronen Sound.