Live at SPACE MP3: Phantom Buffalo [12.9.08]

Download the MP3: Phantom Buffalo - "Journey To The Castle Of The Racing Wind (Live)"

Phantom Buffalo @ SPACE Gallery - Photo by Bryan Bruchman

While we kicked off the Live at SPACE MP3 series with a bang with an (inter)national act, it definitely makes sense to follow it up with one of our own great Portland bands. Phantom Buffalo have survived enough changes in names, members, and the local club scene to make anyone's head spin, but their psychedelic-tinged pop songs seem to just keep getting better. The high quality (320 kbps) MP3 above is a clear indication of that, as it was among the bevy of new songs that the band played at this show just a few months ago. The band plans to include it on an album they will begin work on later this summer.

Phantom Buffalo @ SPACE Gallery - photo by Bryan Bruchman

On December 9th, the band opened for Oxford Collapse (Sub Pop) and The Spinto Band (Park The Van) at SPACE Gallery. Relive the night back at the original post and photo gallery.

Phantom Buffalo are currently finishing up work on their 3rd full length album, Cement Postcard with Owl Colors, due out later this year. On Thursday, March 12th, the band will play with Soul Movement at the Portland Museum of Art as part of our All Access event (celebrating the PMA’s “Backstage Pass” Rock and Roll photography exhibit). Music starts at 7pm and tickets (which include admission to the second half of the event, at SPACE) will be $10.

Recorded and mixed by Pete Nenortas of Satronen Sound.
Photos by Bryan Bruchman

By Bryan
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