Dead Of Winter '09 Photos And Video From You

What better to do on this snowy Wednesday than look back at the incredible Dead Of Winter show we had on Saturday (January 24, 2005)? Josh Loring hosted an assortment of Portland's best musical talent as they each played a few songs.

Jon Donnell snapped some incredible images of the performers. I highly recommend hitting that little full-screen button on the bottom right and viewing them in all their glory.

Britcoal got some cool video clips - if anyone out there has more we'd love to see them! Let us know!

Here's Dilly Dilly and Adam Kurtz:

The elusive Elf Princess Gets A Harley:

A very ravishing in red Wesley Hartley:

A lot of people I spoke with after the show seemed to agree that Aly Spaltro of Lady Lamb The Beekeeper was a surprise hit - I guess many of them hadn't seen her band yet (seriously, what are you waiting for?). The whole room went dead silent about halfway through this song.

Remember, your photos of events at SPACE are always welcome in our Flickr group!

Coming soon to HFIWK: the Mission Of Burma wrapup.

By Bryan
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