Dude, That Was Fucked Up (the band). Photo Recap!

Who knew that SPACE Gallery could turn into a gigantic circle pit? Well, apparently Matador Records' Fucked Up and their fans did. The Sunday night show was a whirlwind of dancing, singing along, sweat, and maybe even a few bruises here and there.

Of course nobody in Portland could match the intensity of a bunch of noisy Canadians quite like Cougars Kill Cobras.

Read on for lots of Fucked Up photos after the jump...

Tonight takes the band to Brooklyn, and they'll continue on touring down south and out to the west coast, with a couple dates in the midwest in February. If they're coming your way, don't miss them (or maybe get out of the way, depending on what you're into)!

Next week their labelmates, the legendary Mission Of Burma, are set to do considerably more damage.

By Bryan
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