Kira Kira at SPACE Gallery 12/6

We've been keeping Saturday's guest musicians on heavy rotation here at SPACE headquarters. Hailing from oh-so-far Iceland, Kira Kira makes undeniably beautiful music much like her friends and collaborators in Múm and Sigur Ros. She's joined by a band of like-minded folks who recently blew the doors off SPACE as Parachutes. We're lucky they still like our humble little venue and want to come back even though they just toured big theaters opening up for Sigur Ros! To top it off, Kippi Kaninus (also Icelandic) just got added to the bill, and his crazy theatrical computer jams look like they're going to make for a good live show. Come early to get your ambient on with Maryland's one-man space cowboy, Dygn.

For the Icelandic music geeks: a website and documentary...

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