Christmas on Mars

If you've seen Bradley Beesley's documentary The Fearless Freaks, about Oklahoma psychedelic-rock weirdos, The Flaming Lips, then you'll know that they've been working on their film Christmas On Mars: A Fantastical Film Freakout Featuring The Flaming Lips for some time now. One early trailer for the film even promised "Coming Christmas 2003." Well, Christmas 2008 has rolled around and the Lips have finally finished their opus and we'll be screening it on Tuesday, December 23rd in time for the titlular holiday. The film is an ode to the classic sci-fi midnight movies of the late 1970's like John Carpenter's Dark Star and this will be a rare opportunity to see it big and amplified so you can fully enjoy the original Lips soundtrack for the film.

2008 - Christmas On Mars - Trailer from George Salisbury on Vimeo.

By Jon
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