Photos From Thursday, November 13

The Fredrik show last Thursday was one of those rainy nights when the evening's event just lined up perfectly with the feeling outside.

The show marked the SPACE debut of Brunswick's Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. They're a duo who have been making the rounds of just about every venue in Portland (if there's a place they haven't played yet, they probably have a show there in the next two months) as well as getting out to Boston, Vermont, and NYC regularly. Both Aly and TJ are multi-instrumentalists, swapping around drums, bass, guitars, kazoo, tambourine, and an assortment of other instruments to fill out their sound far beyond the traditional reaches of your average two-person band.

Once again, Plains came with rain. Though the presentation of their performance may at first glance appear and even sound folk-oriented, the ethereal songs seem to have poppier (as in rock music-based) roots. Still a relatively new group, Plains seem to be ever-shifting and growing, with a place at the forefront of the growing Portland music scene.

Sweden's Fredrik headlined this show, rounding it out nicely with a grandiose performance with a frenetic energy (possibly caffeine-fueled) onstage that lifted their hypnotic experimental folk-rock to dramatic heights. The larger-than-life video projections certainly added to the surreal experience.

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