Miles Of Smiles: Matt And Kim Photos

The past few days at SPACE have seen some serious dance party action. The specially-installed "secret weapon" disco lights definitely added to the fun, but it's hard to have a bad time when a band like Matt And Kim is on stage.

Of course all this cause for celebration is around the excellent photographer Tod Seelie's exhibit, Constant Quarry, on view through November 13. Come out tonight (doors at 6:30, event at 7, free entry) to hear Tod's artist talk!

Tod got some great video clips at the show on Saturday night. Matt & Kim perform "Silver Tiles" at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME from suckapants on Vimeo.

Even though the party deviated from the plan a bit (Japanther had van troubles and couldn't make it, but locals The 500s valiantly stepped up at the last second - really, like right before doors opened - and rocked it, getting things ready for the seriously upbeat blast of fun from the headlining duo) the night was incredible from beginning to end.

Matt & Kim started their set and the energy didn't let down (from their end or the audiences) for the duration of their set. Photos below!

Of course the Black Label DJ's were still around, and took what they started on Friday and pushed it even further, sending the (dance) floor of SPACE stomping in a dance frenzy until it we just couldn't take any more. There was a dance contest, and though I think that Kim just may have deserved to win, the DJ's gave the title of dance champ to everyone. But that isn't to say that she and Matt didn't do their best in the meantime...

Here's another video by Tod, taking you for a little walk through dance party! Black Label DJs dance party at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME from suckapants on Vimeo.

And of course, I've got more photos!