Why? And Alias Photos

SPACE regular and frequent helper Katie sent in this review of the WHY? and Alias show this weekend. Photos by Bryan Bruchman.

Why? and Alias packed Space this weekend. Alias started out the night leaking infectious hip-hop beats over pretty electronica pleasing the skaters and indie kids the same. Case in point: Why? frontman Yoni Wolf's collaboration with Anticon label-mate Alias in the opening set by Maine's native son of hip-hop on "Well Water Black." Yoni's falsetto grooved in and out of Alias's beats like a needle on vinyl (which sadly Alias sold out of after the show. I'll have to go to Bull Moose).

A svengali of the drum machine, Alias commanded attention with his baritone beats and tall tale about a feud with another pint-sized rhymer.

After the primer from Alias, Why? took the stage and served up a large can of sardonic. Frontman Yoni enjoyed Ptown's warm reception to the band, and flew from one song to the next with teen-like pent-up energy. Singing, drumming, back to the keyboards, spit another acid-tongued lyric. Why? poked fun at "lung-long frontmen" and of course, ex-girlfriends. They administered a musical blood test of sorts with their quick, brutal needle pricks of songs, stinging and oh-so-entertaining. "Yours is a funeral I'd fly to from anywhere," sang Yoni under hushed, ironic breath in "These Few Presidents." Musical mourning never sounded so good.

By Bryan
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