The Return of Jojo

We're damned pleased Jonathan Richman is returning to SPACE for a third time on October 18th. Either Jonathan has managed to pull the wool for several decades or he really is the nicest guy in showbiz (we're 99% sure it's the latter). Either way, it sure feels genuine and the show with longtime drummer sidekick Tommy Larkins should be a feelgood blast.

Pretty near every Jonathan Richman record is a gem, (either polished or in the rough) but if you don't already own it, the first Modern Lovers record needs to find it's way onto your shelf, like, today (and those who already know that record's seminal pre-punk pleasures are encouraged to seek out the lesser known Precise Modern Lovers Order album offering two live sets of those early Lovers' tunes in various altered forms.)

For your viewing pleasure, here's a vintage clip of Jonathan and the Modern Lovers from 1978 on Top of the Pops doing "New England" (wherein he lovingly namechecks the Pine Tree State):

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