Ok, Who Spiked The Punch?

UPDATE: photos added to the SPACE Flickr account

The truth is, we didn't have punch at the SPACE Homecoming Dance on Saturday. The oversized crystal bowls we were going to serve it in simply would have taken up too much room on the dancefloor. See?

All the photos in the post were taken by Sam Cousins. Read on for more!

The first band of the night was the fantastic Joshua Loring Quartet, more commonly known in their previous (and far-less cover song-inclined) incarnation as Cult Maze. Their selection of rockin' classic dance jams had the whole place singing along and dancing.

The outfits were just great all throughout the night, as you'll see soon when we get the photobooth photos up! Spencer Albee and the School Spirit Mafia kept it classy with more great songs and then the party got even wilder, as half the crowd got onstage to dance the rest of the night away.

And finally, our wonderful staff who were working hard to make the night extra awesome.

For lots more photos (hey, maybe you're in some of them!) head over to Sam's photo gallery from the night!

Bonus! Here's a clip of The Joshua Loring Quartet doing the Elvis classic, "Suspicious Minds" - pretty much the only thing I captured with my camera that evening, since I was too busy dancing. Thanks, Sam!

By Bryan
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