Phantom Buffalo And Friends Had A Party

If you're at all familiar with the music scene here in Portland, then you know Phantom Buffalo. You've probably known them since they were the Ponys, and chances are you've spent quite a bit of time with their previous record, Shishimumu. On Saturday evening, the band assembled with friends Honey Clouds and Metal Feathers (both of whom played spectacular energetic sets) at SPACE to celebrate the long-awaited release of their followup, Take To The Trees. The band went all out, decorating the stage with life-size versions of the characters from the album's artwork, bringing the whole room into their world as they played through the entire album. They closed the set with new songs (since the album was mostly record back in 2005, they've certainly got more new material since then - when's the next one, guys?) that the audience loved. The album is available from local label Time-Lag Records.

Phantom Buffalo @ SPACE - photo by Bryan Bruchman
Phantom Buffalo

Honey Clouds @ SPACE - photo by Bryan Bruchman
Honey Clouds

Metal Feathers @ SPACE - photo by Bryan Bruchman
Metal Feathers

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