Everyone Is Crying Out to Me, Beware

From the NPR music blog Second Stage:

Alina Simone 300

NPR.org, July 18, 2008 - Everyone Is Crying Out to Me, Beware, the second album from Ukrainian-born singer-songwriter Alina Simone, is utterly haunting. With bare-bones arrangements and Simone's powerful, poignant vocals at the forefront, the record burns through a collection of songs by Siberian punk-folk singer, Yanka Dyagileva, with cathartic fervor. Though the lyrics are in Russian, the emotions are raw and easily felt."

Full story (includes mp3 link)

Alina will play at SPACE Saturday, August 9 with Adam Kurtz (CD release) and Matt Rock. Tickets are on sale now at Brown Paper Tickets.

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