Everyday I Live - Tod Seelie

Big City Press recently released what looks to be a fantastic new book of contemporary photographers, HIJACKED: VOLUME ONE, AUSTRALIA AND AMERICA 

Featured in the book is Tod Seelie, a NYC photographer who will be opening his first solo show at SPACE in October.  (That's his photo of the tattooed lass on the back dustcover of the book above.)  Tod's a relentless documenter of city life and manages to capture all the vibrant grime, grit and magic of underground parties, sweaty rock shows and urban bike culture.  He also has a keen eye for portraits and travel photography.  His work has also been abundantly featured in publications like Vice, XXL, Paper and Chief, among others, and he is one of the NYC Blog-contributors for the online San Francisco arts website FecalFace.

Tod maintains several online depositories of his work and musings, all worth visiting: Sucka Pants, Of Quiet, Everyday I Live as well as todseelie.com. He's also an active participant in the ever-evolving Miss Rockaway Armada project. We're pretty sure he never sleeps.

By Jon
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