The Brothers Unconnected 101

It's an understatement to say we're honored to have The Brothers Unconnected A Tribute to the Music of Sun City Girls and Charles Gocher at SPACE on July 20th.  Surviving SCG members Alan and Richard Bishop specifically requested a date here in Portland, largely due to their past personal connection with Cerberus Shoal, (survived now by evening openers Fire On Fire) culminating in a recording project between Cerberus and Alan Bishop's solo-ego Alvarius B.  The tour will be a tribute to late SCG drummer, Charles Gocher who succumbed last year to cancer, and will be the last time many of these songs are performed.  To say the least, it will be a special evening of music on our stage.

Sun City Girls were the entry point for many of us into a world of mysterious, sublime, often dangerous music, often achingly beautiful, frequently shot through with screw-it-all humor.  The new Harmony Korine film, Mister Lonely features 8 new compositions by the Girls, including this haunting cover of the eponymous Bobby Vinton tune with longtime collaborator Eyvind Kang:

Sun City Girls - Mr Lonely Viola

The ferocity of the Bishop brothers' love for their lost bandmate is indelible and concert attendees are asked to read the following thoughts on Charles Gocher before attending:  

Charles Gocher (1952-2007): Invisible Tempos of the Vanishing Assassin

An extensive interview with the elusive Girls is here: Third Eye Staring Contest

Those wishing to delve deeper into the world of the Sun City Girls should visit their website.

If this isn't impetus enough to attend, this evening will be the first performance since October by Portland's beloved Fire On Fire, possibly heralding a new release by year's end (?) . . .

Buy advance tickets at BullMoose Music or via SPACE's BrownPaper Tickets page.